Rodney Barker and his music is influenced by several genres of music: traditional country, 60s rock-n-roll, gospel, and honky-tonk blues. He was born in San Antonio, Texas on the southside of town and raised by his mom, six different stepfathers, and two grandmothers who were as different as night and day. Mostly though, Rodney was raised and lived by the “code” of the streets. The first time in a recording studio, Rodney was asked, “How did you learn to write lyrics,” and Rodney just pointed up and said “God.” Then he said, “I lived these songs and now I hold the pen, my God does all the rest, including this Bio.”

The Voice

Rodney’s voice is the final result of radiation treatment that literally saved his altered voice back in 2001 when Rodney prayed and asked God to save His voice. He made a promise, a deal, as most of us do in times of need. Rodney called this prayer his “Fox Hole” prayer, “God, if you save my voice I promise to sing of all you have done for me and of your Glory.” Now, it seems like Rodney is on a journey to hold up His end of the bargain, and God Is doing everything else.

The Music

Rodney has a 14-song CD (his 2nd CD), of all originals being released sometime in the early spring. This CD is called, “Rodney Barker, Lost Country Music Band.” Recently, one of the songs recorded on this CD, “Two Tacos and a Prayer” has already hit number one on a popular Indie radio station. Rodney said “Two Tacos and a Prayer” takes my heart to many of my dear friends, one being my real dad. We became friends when I was 35 years old.” Currently, Rodney is working on a new CD of six original songs that will be titled, “Rodney Barker, Low Down Country Street Blues.”

The Inspirations

Rodney says it’s important for people to know some of his heroes who have influenced his music as well, as Rodney says it, “They seem to come alive at times to write and sing, and if I tell you anymore, you will know I’m still a little crazy and that’s alright, my God Knows.” It’s only fair to name some of these music greats that Rodney grew up listening to on the juke box that influenced him so, such as Hank Williams Sr., the Williams family, Jimmy Rodgers, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Vern Godin, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Creedence Clearwater, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, and WAY too many to name. Rodney says, “I love music like my mama did.”
Live venue performances are coming up soon in the near future as Rodney feels all things depend on God’s plan for him and his music. Rodney’s immediate plans for the future: “Trust in God,” one day at a time.