Two Tacos and a Prayer



Two Tacos and a Prayer

Two Tacos and a Prayer was conceived in 2009 at a Christian family-owned Mexican café in
San Antonio, Texas named Oblate Café. I was going through a rough time, and a few months
later had a major heart attack.
I had hired a Mexican mason to do a job for us, and he and I have become very close friends.
Our friendship rekindled the spark in my heart, and my prayer was answered—God finished
the story for Two Tacos and a Prayer in about 30 minutes in 2017. My God of the Bible directs
my pen. It would not be rewarding if God was not directing the pen and the music.
Our music has reflected on my life and how God’s love has guided and brought me out of some
dark and lonely places. The day I stop giving God of the Bible ALL the Credit for EVERYTHING
in my life, especially our music, will be the day these songs no longer have any Truth. On April
10, 1986 I knew Jesus Christ was the Truth, the Way and the Life, and I was reborn to the
beliefs and teachings of my youth and have been Trusting God one day at a time every since. I
pray our songs and message will open the hearts of all lost souls. God told me back in 1986 and
still does today “Take My hand child, believe and trust in Me. We are going Home”.
I thank my God, all the musicians on this CD , Oblate Café, my friends Gerry Peters for so
much, Debbie Boazeman for the photos, PJ Fugitt for our band logo and artwork, and James
Myrick for our web site
I am still a sinner and need God of the Bible every minute
of my day. I love you all and you know it if you really
know me. – Rodney


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